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morgannas_gate is looking for fics and artwork to be archived on her Adam Baldwin fanfic/fanart website-- EDEN.

If you would like to be included, and you have written a NON-JAYNE Adam Baldwin fic (characters or RPSfic) or if you have created wallpapers, icons, manips or drawings--please comment below with a link to where I can find it. If you wouldn't mind making sure your email address is either included in the (screened) comment or located on your user info page, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

Express permission given in the comment would rock, as I wouldn't have to hunt you down and make sure I can forward the info to her and that YOU WANT your fic/art to be accessible at Eden.

Please, no recs here. Authors/Artists only.

Cross-posted liek WOAH, mama.
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